Hex Studio are
first and foremost, experience designers

Regardless of the medium, we create experiences that people love to interact with and we do it through research and through a tailored approach to a project’s specific requirements. No two projects are the same, so the approach to solving them shouldn’t be either.

Our Services
UX/IA Design

User Experience and Information Architecture Design. Only after understanding every facet of your service/offering can you start to design the online face of your business whether it’s a small informational site or a global commerce platform. Through a range of exercises from workshops and iterative design sessions to prototyping and user-testing can a system be fully designed, encompassing not only how the product looks but how it feels. Often undervalued or overlooked completely, this is without doubt the most important part of any web project.

UI Design

User Interface Design is how the interface of your project/system will look. This is where colour schemes, imagery, typography and all other styles are set and applied to templates and structures which are traditionally specified during the UX/IA stage.

Web Development

Fundamentally, there are three components that make up a website: design, front-end or client-side (HTML, Javascript) and back-end or server-side (PHP, .NET etc.) The design of the site encompasses the first two services listed previously (UX/IA and UI design), whilst web development encompasses the last two in this list; front-end and back-end. We have extensive experience working with highly integrated PHP systems which offer almost limitless extensibility and portability. We also regard front-end development in exactly the same way we regard design, the two go hand in hand and if one doesn’t work well enough the whole experience is compromised.


Brand is a structured set of coherent communications that convey who you are and what you stand for. It is how you connect with your audience and we don’t put pencil to paper until we know you and them inside and out. Your objectives, your history, your character, your customers, everything that makes you, you. Only then can we begin to look at the landscape you operate in. Our branding process has a fixed starting point but as it progresses so it quickly evolves into it’s own unique journey shaped by stakeholder involvement, in-depth research and analysis and your own character. Our process will discover and define your brand tone of voice, your values, your purpose and your brand architecture.

Motion Design

Everyone has a story inside of them. Our job is to realise that story and do it justice by telling it in a compelling way. Just like the person telling the story, every one is unique and we have a wealth of experience creating compelling animations and motion design for broadcast, web and film to tell those unique stories.

Client Partners
Meet Us
Director & Founder

Ellie set up Hex Studio 3 years ago and has since established an impressive range of clients, from tech start-ups and government bodies to public affairs agencies and charities.

We are on the hunt for Designers

We are looking for both Mid-weight and Senior Designers to join our team. You must have UX and UI Designer experience and be a super creative genius.

Please email hello@hexstud.io for more details