An interesting aspect of agency life is the variety of organisations we get to work with. Sometimes we will join a startup on the ground floor and help them conjure up something completely new. Other times we get to work with established, household names, exploring existing styles and building on their brand to reach new audiences. This was the case with BIC, who approached us to help with the promotion of their latest campaign, the world’s first ever handwritten newspaper.

The brief for this project was to create a dreamlike, foreboding trailer for the new campaign, utilising a specific illustration style. We began to storyboard, and created the idea of hand formed letters in the real world leaving the page to make their way to the internet, incorporating various styles of movement and illustration.

We were briefed to produce a dreamlike and foreboding trailer in a very specific illustration style whilst all the time communicating the range and colours of pens B.I.C. offer.

We set to work storyboarding this tale of all the hand formed letters in the world leaving the paper they’re written on to make their way to the internet whilst simultaneously testing various illustration and movement styles.

The finished piece was a hybrid animation which started out as individual hand drawn illustrations, first in pencil then in B.I.C. pen (of course!). The illustrations were then brought into Photoshop and After effects where they were animated before being composed along with some elements which were animated in 3D.

The end result was seeded through all of B.I.C.’s social media channels and features on the ministry of stories website and garnered 42,000 views in the first 24 hours of it being published.