Hex Studio have had the pleasure of being a long time partner to Lucre, providing all manner of creative resource to compliment their campaigns.

Lucre are a Leeds and London based PR agency dedicated to achieving the highest results for their clients humanly possible. Positioned as a ‘Search Savvy’ PR agency, their campaigns are built around SEO and online visibility as well as traditional offline.

We’ve helped Lucre create a bespoke Facebook application for the greetings card giant Hallmark. We’ve also helped them during their own rebranding process to bring their newly created brand to life with an animated, signature logo ident.

More recently, we were involved in the #ExtraZen campaign they created for Holiday Extras. This campaign centred around providing moments of zen for stressed commuters and was executed in a number of ways. We were tasked with creating a 6 x 10ft colouring board that would be placed within a busy retail centre at rush hour.

The colouring board was to be illustrated with a traditional holiday scene in only black and white lines. The illustration was to composed in such a way that would encourage busy commuters to stop, pick up a colouring pen that was provided and complete a section of the scene. The campaign allowed commuters to take a brief moment out of their busy day to create their own moment of zen.

The colouring board and the wider campaign was hugely popular and created a buzz within the centre for the whole day.

We’ve had and continue to have the pleasure of working closely with this fantastic, forward thinking communications agency providing creative and design support for brands like Jet2, B.I.C, Holiday Extras and themselves.